WBR high temperature electric reciprocating pump

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WBR high temperature electric reciprocating pump WB1, WB2 electric reciprocating pump is mainly used to pump water, wharf oil, crude oil, methyl alcohol, hot water etc. Liquids temperature is not higher than 150degree Celsius. WB1, WB2 electric reciprocating pump is mainly used for long-distance transportation of water, wharf transportation of oil, pump transportation of crude oil, methanol, Oil tanker, oil depot loading and unloading, hot water recovery and recycling in pharmaceutical, brewing, chemical, petroleum and other industries WBR high temperature electric reciprocating pump is designed to pump hot water or hot oil at the temperature from 100 to 400 degree Celsius. The pumped liquids are for Hot water, hot oil slurry, heat-conducting oil or other high temperature media with physical and chemical properties similar to those of oil and water. The reduction box of WBl and WB2 pump adopts belt gear two-stage speed change, the lubrication adopts splash way, the structure is compact, the design is advanced, the stainless steel pump piston ring adopts the special bowl-shaped PTFE ring, the wear-resisting, corrosion-resisting, the sealing is good. This reciprocating pump high pressure plow uses the plunger double valve structure, the low pressure type uses the piston ball valve structure, this design movement is sensitive, the sealing is reliable. According to the different flow and pressure, with different motor, it can meet the user's requirements. Part of WBR series high temperature reciprocating pump body is composed of gearbox, motor, flywheel cross head. The gearbox is lubricated by splash. Pump body is composed of cast steel double-layer jacket structure, jacket can pass steam, in order to heat preservation (such as heavy oil), pump valve structure adopts ball valve, reliable sealing, sensitive action. There is a cooling sleeve between the pump head and the box body, and the cooling is applied in the way of water circulation, which can effectively prevent the heat of the pump head from diffusing to the box body. The seal packing of this pump adopts domestic advanced graphite fiber high-temperature packing, and other parts are treated with heat-resistant steel in a timely and effective manner, ensuring the service life of this pump.