G pulley driving single screw pump

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G pulley driving single screw pump can be used to transport neutral or corrosive liquids, clean or abrasive liquids, liquids containing gases or prone to bubbles, high viscosity or low viscosity liquids and liquids containing fibers and solids such as wastewater, sewage etc.

G single screw pump has the very wide application.

Food industry: used for wineries to transport wine, waste residue and ingredients in the process of wine production.

Textile industry: used to transport synthetic fiber, viscose, dye, ink, nylon powder liquid.

Paper industry: used for the transportation of black liquor of pulp.

Oil industry: used in a variety of oil, oil products for the ground gathering and transportation pump.

Chemical industry: used to transport all kinds of suspension, emulsion, acid, alkali, salt liquid.

Shipbuilding: used for transporting residual oil, cleaning tank and sewage, sea water, etc.

Construction industry: conveying mortar, plaster.

Nuclear industry: radioactive liquid conveying belt particles

Power plant: used for the transportation of coal water slurry.