Low noise booster circulation pump

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G low noise pipeline booster circulation pump adopts the unique structure of completely closed and no mechanical seal. The stator and rotor are shielded and sealed with stainless steel sleeve, and the pumped liquid can be transported into the motor for cooling, thus solving the problems of leakage of conveying medium, environmental pollution, poor operation reliability and maintenance difficulties caused by the mechanical seal in ordinary pipeline electric pump. The rotating part is supported by graphite bearing and lubricated by conveying medium, which is a low noise and green environmental protection upgrading pump.

low noise, no leakage, reliable operation, free of maintenance etc. advantages

G series shielded electric pump is mainly used in hvac cold and hot water circulation, industrial, urban building water supply, fire pipe pressurization, long-distance water conveyance and other occasions.

working conditions

1. flow range:1-1080m3/h, head range :5-105m.

2. System pressure: 1.0Mpa (or 1.6Mpa)

3. conveyed medium: clear water or liquid with similar physical and chemical properties to water.

4. Liquid temperature: no higher than 95°C(N type and NY type) or no higher than 150°C(GY type should be equipped with external circulating cooling water system