J25 plunger metering dosing pump

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J25 plunger metering pump is a kind of mechanical equipment according to the requirements of the process flow, stepless adjustment of quantitative transmission of corrosive medium, metering pump precision ±1%.It is widely used in petrochemical industry, medicine, food, power plant, environmental protection industry, mine, national defense, scientific research and other fields. When conveying medium with high pressure, high temperature and high viscosity, it can be customized according to the user's requirements, and can be made into a structure of heat preservation, heating jacket and cooling jacket to meet the user's applicable requirements.


Flow range: 100-27000l /h

Max. discharge pressure :50Mpa.

Suitable medium temperature: ≤250℃

Optional material for flow parts: 304, 316L, 20 alloy, Hastelloy alloys

Flow control mode: manual/automatic stroke adjustment/digital frequency conversion control to realize automatic control of external signals

The pump can be adjusted when running or stopped.

Flow stability viscosity ±1%

Inlet and outlet connection: clamp ring, welded pipe joint and flange connection

According to the user process requirements, the pump head can be made into heat preservation jacket type, electric heating type.