YQB LPG transfer pump

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YQB series liquefied petroleum gas pumps are mainly used to transport liquefied petroleum gas, dimethyl ether, methyl chloride, ethylene oxide, propane, propylene, butadiene, isobutylene, methanol and other volatile liquids with similar properties and petroleum products. YQB LPG pump is especially used in LPG loading and unloading trucks, cylinder filling, workshop feeding and other working places.

The pump is a positive displacement vane pump, its structure is advanced, the stator surface is composed of composite curves, both ends of the mechanical seal, the fixed mating end face are used "O" type sealing ring, the rotating movement of the mating parts are metal relative to non-metal, with the use of safe and reliable, multi-purpose function.

The working of this displacement vane pump is on blade centrifugal slide. Flow is associated with the rotation speed of shaft. The stator surface uses the original domestic made from composite curve. Stator and rotor, baffle, vane etc. consists of the sealed cavity. Because the stator surface is composite curve, as the rotor turns into the oral cavity volume increases gradually, and formed the negative pressure suction, thus the oil suction, after the rotor rotation Angle, volume section decreases, thus the oil hydraulic, between oil absorption cavity and cavity pressure oil has an oil separates oil absorption and pressure oil cavity. The blade is fitted to the stator inner surface by centrifugal force and two baffles, making the pump work normally under rated conditions.