FPZD Direct connection plastic self priming pump

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FPZD corrosion resistant RPP plastic self-priming pump is made of reinforced polypropylene (RPP) in one injection molding. RPP material has high mechanical strength, strong corrosion resistance.

FPZD self-priming pump is designed with self-priming structure. Pump chamber is equipped with suction chamber, storage chamber, liquid back check valve, gas-liquid separation chamber, backflow hole.

It only needs to be poured into the guide liquid before starting the machine for the first time, and it is not necessary to re-pour liquid later. When the medium is pumped, the liquid can be intermittent, and the incoming liquid can continue to be pumped within 15 minutes after the liquid is cut off. The mechanical seal does not need additional cooling water to cool it.

Impeller and shaft is for the integration part to prevent key slip and medium intrusion into the metal shaft. FPZD Direct type has compact structure and high efficiency. FPZ shaft coupling type is convenient for pump shaft assembly and disassembly.

FPZD corrosion resistant RPP plastic self-priming pump is suitable to pump general acid, alkali, salt etc. chemical corrosive liquids at the temperature -10℃ to 90℃.

flow 11-50 m3/h, head 18-32m, speed 2900r/min

FPZD RPP plastic self-priming pump is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, smelting, environmental protection, sewage treatment, inorganic salt and other industries.