TD Vertical pipeline centrifugal circulation water pump

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TD Series new vertical single stage pipeline centrifugal pump is with standard motor and mechanical seal. Compared with other pipeline pumps, TD pipeline pump has a wider working curve, higher efficiency and is less susceptible to impurities in the pumped liquid.

TD pipeline centrifugal pump is designed for the removable structure of the drawable top. It need not remove the pipeline and pump body. TD pipeline pump is equipped with innovative removable mechanical seals that can be replaced without removing the motor. Pump top can be pull-out for disassembly form and pump is equipped with integrated mechanical seal for easy installation and convenient maintenance.

TD vertical pipeline centrifugal pump is suitable to pump clean, thin, non-corrosive, non-explosive and non-flammable liquids without any solid particles and fibers. When the liquid is thick or dense, it will cause pump characteristic curve and the increase of energy consumption.

Liquid temperature: -15℃ to 110℃

TD vertical pipeline pump can be used for domestic water, industrial water, cooling system water and district heating system etc. cold and hot water circulation and booster such as Industrial water treatment, District heating, hvac, Building water supply,Municipal water supply and drainage, desalination, Other industrial applications etc.

TD vertical pipeline centrifugal pump has two types according to the requirements from user. Pump with base plate or pump without base plate.

Flow range: 4m3/h to 1200m3/h

Head range: 4.5m to 108m

Power range: 1.1kw to 200kW

Liquid temperature: -15℃ to 110℃

Frequency: 50 hz or 60 hz