WQAS submersible sewage pump with semi-open spiral cutting impeller

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WQAS submersible sewage pump adopts semi-open spiral impeller with novel structure and excellent non-blocking performance. It can cut and tear the long fiber, plastic paper bag, sanitary paper towel, etc., and can keep the flow patch of water pump unimpeded. Therefore, it can run more smoothly and reliable in wastewater, without being blocked as an ideal electric submersible sewage pump.

WQAS submersible sewage pumps are widely used in municipal sewage treatment, construction projects, hotels, mines, industrial mud, mortar municipal environmental protection places such as the discharge of sewage. It is an ideal equipment for pumping out domestic wastewater, sewage excrement and urine containing short fiber, paper scraps, sediment and so on.

High chromium alloy cutting impeller & blade

440V,440V,60HZ,3Phase can be customized